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Custom Bags made with your Race Bib/Number & T-Shirts or other memoriabilia!
Runners, Duathletes,Triathletes,Swimmers Cyclists, or ANY SPORTS ATHLETES ...

Turn your race numbers, race t-shirts or other memorabilia into a cool custom bag.
  If you're like most of us who race or are involved in sports, I know you've got plenty of race numbers and old t-shirts or ribbons & other memorabilia laying around and you're wondering what to do with them all! 

Why not show off those race/sports accomplishments wherever you go with a one of a kind custom bag that you can carry as  purses and handbags, shopping bags, a tote bag, a book bag, a backpack, a sling bag, a duffel bag, a gym bag, or a Race Bag (or whatever type of bag you would like me to design)? If you like the idea of going green--well these are definitely green bags and they're custom reusable bags to boot AND my designs are fashionable too! How cool is that? Race numbers are made of tyvek--a really tough, durable material that is great for making stuff out of and the combination of your race numbers and t-shirts can make a great custom bag! There are many to choose from and
no one  else will have one like yours--since your accomplishments are different than anyone elses & my bags are original.

*If it isn't a Races R My Bag bag...then it isn't original*

You select which race numbers & t-shirts you want to use, choose the style of the bag you want, ship us your race numbers & t-shirts and (pictures, ribbons, bumper stickers or whatever else you want on your bag) and we create your bag for you, it's that simple!
 If you don't see a style that suits you...that's okay...Just let me know what you want and I'll design it for you :)

~Pics of all the different bags (but not limited to these)
~The descriptions of the different bags
~Shop for your bag


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